Attn: Coaches, Consultants & Business Owners:

"Not Having Your Own Information Products to
 Reinforce Your Message You Sacrifice
At Least £50,000 Every Year!"

How much might you have already lost?

Yes Peter, count me in!

Dear Fellow Genius (Yes it’s true you are)

You know some awesome stuff!

You took years of successes and failures to learn it!

You spent money and time and energy and guts to discover what works and what doesn’t.

And I feel you agree with this…

     It’s about time, in fact, way beyond time, you spread your authentic message far and wide to those people you’ll simply NEVER get chance to ‘change their lives’ on a face-to-face basis – true?

     So is this truly possible?

     Yes it is.

Here’s why I know it.

     25 years ago I was struggling, seriously struggling.

     I’d sold my business.

     Then the b*stards I’d sold to managed to screw around with the company and drive the share price down from £2.42 to 16p.

I lost almost everything!

It cost me £3,000,000.

     My homes went, my cars went; even some of my so-called friends went.


     As I told the bank manager who wanted my gold card back:

Take it – because…

You’ll never take my family!
You’ll never take my attitude!!
You’ll never take my ability to earn!!!

     So I started from scratch, from broke, but determined to make a difference and support my family.
And here I am 25 years later with…

 Over 100 audio programmes produced and selling

 Over 100 DVDs (and online videos) produced and selling

 7 books written and out there

 A ‘paid for’ newsletter that’s sold over 260,000 copies worldwide generating over £3,040,000 income for me

 Nightingale Conant’s leading British author

And I could go on and on.

I’ve received over £12,000,000 of income by sharing what I’ve learned.

And you could do it too – I show you how…

Working with Peter over a period of 18 months, I created additional profits of over £100,000 using his ideas.

Mark Wickersham Accountant

Here’s What We Cover Together

 How to cleverly extract your uniqueness; those years of knowledge, experience and expertise safely stored between your ears and behind your eyes

✔ How to cascade it onto paper – through my ‘Wine Glass and Smart Phone’ Process – I can already hear you laughing!

 How to use my tested system that turns your words into any information product you choose. What do you choose?

 Your Lead Generation MAGNET – the easiest way to attract new potential clients into your funnel - have a Lead Magnet. A report, a guide, a white paper. Simple to produce when you have The 6-Stage Scripting Formula. Just part of THE GOLDEN TAP!

     This can be ready to go inside 2 days – yes, just 2 days.

     Your Lead Magnet attracts new potential clients.

 Your Paid-For newsletterWill people really pay when there’s so much free stuff on the internet?

     Oh yes they will! (My newsletter, The Achievers Edge generated £3,042,000 over 13 years and it was priced at only £9.97 a month! I’ll open my personal files and show you how I did it)

     You could have the first issue out and paying you money within one month. Ooh!

  Your Book

Slim paperback? Serious hardback?

     The whole system all laid out in a simple step-by-step manner. Just plug in, hold on tight and follow the process I show you.

     Within one month you could have an extensive book written and ready to market. A short 30 pages book could be done inside one week.

Just a Few Happy Authors

Caroline Cooper

Bernard Pearce

Jackie Arnold

 Here’s the truth of it…

     You MUST write your book. Add this absolutely essential ingredient in to your credibility, to your status, to your future in your industry.

     BUT – it’s only the first step. The real money comes from the ‘other ways’ you share what you know. I have 7 books published and it’s nice, but the money came when I leveraged the ideas.

It’s the same for you too...


 Just Imagine...

✔  Your Mentoring Programme
     Imagine meeting a group of loyal clients month after month. Taking them on a journey of discovery. Holding their hands to success. Now this makes you some serious money!

  Your Online Video Series
     Either face to camera if you fancy it - or screen capture with you nowhere in sight. Your choice…sss

Pick one, pick many.

     I gift you my personal list of 92 different ways of sharing your knowledge. So you can choose which ones produce the best for you

How to sprinkle the magic dust of marketing over every sentence you write.

     There are certain little-known tips and techniques to write persuasively BUT with total integrity. Easy when you know how.

     I open the cupboard door and show you the goods! So you can persuade with integrity too.



How much MONEY can you make?

Now this is the question: 

     Let’s take it ‘as read’ that you and I always want to make a positive difference to our clients’ lives. And there’s no challenge with us being rightfully rewarded for doing it.

"I was a member of Peter’s membership programme and soon into the programme Peter helped me to focus on producing a video-based product.

Through Peter’s invaluable, informal and fun mentoring I now have a video programme, the Limbic Performance System, which has changed my life.

I no longer need to train unless I want to.

In the second year I developed LPS version 2 which is being applied by users in 40 countries and has generated income of around £1,000,000 in direct sales or blended learning sales."

Steve Neale BSC International

Important to know:

     Let’s say you create an e-book and it sells at just £7.00. So you market it in the way I show you and you move 5 a day –so that’s £12,775 a year. Not bad for just one small product

     OK – and following my lead you create a 6 CD set which sells at £67.00. Your marketing produces just one sale a day. That’s £24,455 a year. A 6 CD set can be written, recorded and duplicated all with 6 weeks.

     So IT could be bringing in cash within 60 days of starting to write.

Let’s do it! 

"Peter has a great way of delivering a huge amount of very rich content in an engaging way. It’s impossible not to come away from one of his events without some real nuggets you can implement - for me ‘going with your big guns first’ is really making a difference."

Andrew Bailey
Pricing & Negotiating Specialist

Create your paid-for newsletter.

     You decide on a monthly price of £19.95 for it and even if it takes you a whole year to get 200 regular subscribers - so that means you receive 200 x £19.95 x 12 (months) = £51,870 a year. WOW!

     My newsletter takes just one day to write and create and that includes the interviews and thinking time. This is a fast-to-market idea.

     How soon do you want to start?

You can choose…

Yes, that lists just 3 of the 92 ways I know to share information. And you get to choose which ones you want to have fun with.

     Which ones suit your style best, which one takes you to market (and the fame and fortune) fastest. 

"Using 1 simple Lead Generation strategy I picked up from Peter I made one new contact who we met last week and it helped us clinch £8,000 worth of business for our e-learning course. 500 plus users, I am filling out the paperwork now." 

Trevor Tweed

Here's an example:

     I created a 36 module programme called The Accelerated Business Growth System. And with some marketing, some sales and white-label deals it produced over £2,300,000 over a ten-year period.

     Trust me – through these 25 years of experience doing this – I can clearly demonstrate how you do it too – to the level YOU want.

     You decide if you would like another £10,000 a year, another £50,000, £250,000 plus. 

Just imagine 12 months from when we meet

     Now you have a newsletter, a blog or ezine, your 6 CD programme and a small mentoring group running.

     So you could delight in a monthly income of between £5,000 to £10,000.

You CAN do it too

And to prove it…

     When I started out there was no one to show me how to write, create and market information products specifically.

So I had to learn the hard way...

     Making the mistakes and spending the money as fast as it came in. I attended seminars on general marketing in the UK and the USA.

     I bought the audio programmes on selling and persuasion, watched the DVDs, and ploughed through the books on decision-making and all round business success.

     It took me years and cost me dearly in energy and cash.

     But it was worth every penny and every late night. 

     I loved it even though it was hard at times.

     Now after 25 years in the information products business I’m Nightingale Conant’s leading British author. 

 I was also recently awarded The Lifetime Achievement award by The Institute of Sales Management 


     I'm also regarded as 'The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator' and have a business and a life of choice.


     Because YOU don’t have to spend all that time and all that money. (It took me over £100,000 and 12 years of my life)

     Yes, I’ve already done it and I’ll gladly share all the shortcuts with you (especially how to avoid those costly mistakes I made).

That’s my purpose these days. 

"When Peter began his mentoring programme, we joined as founder members.

Since re-joining Peter we’ve written a marketing book for pharmacy contractors, which we would never have done without Peter’s simple techniques, created our monthly membership with a deluxe version which is working very well.

We now have THREE £1,000,000 products. So we would recommend anybody who is serious about investing in themselves and their business to join Peter. It is worth every penny."

Chris & Lynda Chanin The Informacist

Here’s what else I do for you...

     I explain in full detail what your ‘Magic Ingredient’ is and why people happily pay you so much for it.


     Because you are going to thank me for this forever!

But I must let you in to a secret…

     Some people I talk to tell me they’re not sure that what they know has any value to anyone.

     Now because I don’t swear (well I try hard not to) I struggle to explain just how WRONG they are.  

     Every single person I’ve ever met in the ‘helping industry has valuable insights, knowledge, experiences, failures, successes, and so many life-lessons to share with others.

     Ideas that shortcut the route to success for their clients – and people gladly pay for it.

     Believe me – people do NOT know the ideas you take for granted.

     You are unique, you have so much to share.

So if that’s described you at all...

Be assured you can do this.

     Come and join me (it's fun with a serious intent) and I promise to show you how.

     Now the other type of person knows they have great ideas to get out to the world – and all they need is the system to create their products and the marketing ideas to get those products sold.

     That’s where my 25 years of marketing information product experience comes to your aid. 

     I show you what works and explain the pitfalls to avoid.

It feels good when…

     You are highly regarded in your desired market, seen as a thought-leader and expert.

     Perhaps even being invited to speak on radio and TV (I have - so much fun). Your opinion is sought after. 

     You get clients referred to you. You have COMPLETE CHOICE!

     What feels better than that?

So here’s the next step?

     Let’s get together.

     Come and join me for just one day and you choose if that’s in Coventry or Central London.

     Which is closest to you?

 Now you’re wondering, what’s my ticket price?

     Well, I hope you’re sitting down because you’re going to be surprised. To discover how to create profits in excess of £50,000, it’s only £67 plus vat and this includes your teas and coffees too – awesome value, agreed? 

After Peter's webinar, I believe that I will never be the same, neither will my business.

I started writing my first book late in the afternoon yesterday. By the time I stopped to rest, this evening, I have drafted chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6. I never ever imagined it possible to achieve such a feat in such a short space of time.

I have put off writing for donkey years because I have never had anyone explain the principles and process so clearly as Peter does. I am truly grateful for the opportunity.

Claude Phiri

Here’s what else I do for you…

     When we meet up I explain in full detail what your ‘Magic Ingredient’ is and why people happily pay you so much for it. Intrigued?

     Because you are going to thank me for this forever!

     Limited Tickets Available!

     The rooms at the venues have been booked to hold just 50 people because I love our meetings to be intimate and interactive. So hurry tickets sell out quickly.

     Go on – come and join me. You know it’s your time. click here to book your ticket so you can be so pleased you did. It’s so easy to understand the ideas I share with you. I make them straight-forward and simply for you to use.

     You don’t want to be sitting year from today saying to yourself “Oh, if only I’d…” do you? 

     As you see so many others with their books on the shelves, their newsletters producing monthly income, their Golden Taps bringing new clients to their door day after day after day. I’d hate that!

100% Cast-Iron Guarantee:

I know the ideas we discuss together create life-changing events but I want you feeling absolutely happy so if by lunchtime you feel (for any reason) the day isn’t for you just let me or one of my team know, discreetly leave and I’ll refund your total ticket price without any quibble or fuss

– I promise you.

You’re in a fabulous place right now…

Choose Your Preferred Venue Below:

Yes Peter, count me in!

Guest Speaker - Lee Gilbert 

Even more great news…

You also hear Lee Gilbert (The Serious Players’ Webmaster).

Lee is my 'go-to' person on anything web related.

Lee demonstrates his complete system on self-funding marketing.


His M.W.A strategy.

Failure to implement M.W.A is the No.1 mistake that most business owners unwittingly make when it comes to their website. 

Here are two Special Gifts for you to say ‘thank you’…

Gift #1:

As soon as you sign up, I give you your very own copy of my Lead Magnet: The 7 Big Mistakes

Now you can see just how to create yours too.

Just copy the format I use as a template and get writing!

Simple isn’t it?

This strategy alone has created  over 21,000 leads, now you can use it too!

Gift # 2

I gift you my personal list of 92 different ways of sharing your knowledge. So you can choose which ones match the style of your business. Pick the amount of EXTRA money you want to make.  

"We were so impressed with his content and presentation we hired Peter to work with us on a sales and marketing strategy. After only one day working with Peter, he came up with an idea that we thought was electrifying. We implemented the idea in total and committed resources and expenditure to ensure it worked for us. Since then the idea has made us over £1,200,000 in additional profit!! We are still using the idea today and it is our constant lead generation strategy"

RT London (Client has asked for confidentiality)

"I attended my first ever Peter Thomson Day last week and was blown away by the volume and quality of the content that Peter gave us. I found it incredibly useful and also I asked both Peter and Lee Gilbert questions which have helped me move forward. I would have no hesitation in recommending it to you – go for it!!."

Anna Goodwin

"I attended Peter's Lead Generation event. I’d met Peter before so I was reasonably confident it would be a good day. In the end it turned out to be even better than that. Packed with really useful information that I began putting to use almost immediately. Peter has such an easy, engaging, conversational style that the time seemed to pass by very quickly. Perhaps the biggest value is in the way that he has “systemised” many of the things that need to be done making them so much easier to follow. "

Mike Wilkinson

One certain fact:

If a friend of mine had told me about this event and the methods I’d discover I’d be thinking:

I need to go to this. I’d be just plain crazy to miss out.

If you’re like me then click here to book your ticket

Wishing you massive success as you continue to make a positive difference to so many people’s lives

Peter Thomson
“The UK’s Most Prolific Information Product Creator”

PS: You know you have great ideas to share. You know you make a positive difference to people’s lives – now is the time to get your authentic message out to 1000s of people and – so you can rightfully make some serious and sustainable money doing so.

Come and join me for just one day. You choose to meet up in Coventry or London. When we’re together I show you the tried and tested and proven methods to write, create and market your very own information products. Your book, your CD set, perhaps even your own mentoring group.

You decide just how much extra money you want to make each year. Another £10,000? Another £50,000? Another £250,000? It’s your choice.

Your ticket for the whole day with me is just £67 plus vat. That’s crazy low true?

So don’t wait any longer to share what YOU know.

Book your place right now: If you have any questions just call Rachel or Beverley on 01926 339901. See you there

About Your Host:

Peter Thomson is now regarded as 'The UK's Most Prolific Information Product Creator.'

Starting in business in 1972 he built 3 successful companies – selling the last to a public company, after only 5 years trading, for £4.2M enabling him to retire at age 42.

Since that time Peter has concentrated on sharing his proven methods for business and personal success via audio and video programmes, books, seminars and conference speeches.

With over 100 audio and 100 video programmes written and recorded he is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author. 

In 2017 he has also awarded The Lifetime Achievement Award by The Institute of Sales Management.

More Happy Authors...

Ben Coker

Tina Royles

Barry Jackson

Here's what people say about my events


“Thank you Peter for a fabulous day that was full of brilliant ideas. I came away with a shortlist of the most important tasks that I needed to get on with. They were all aimed at building my million pound product. The event filled me with confidence that it is not a ‘maybe sometime’ but an absolute that ‘I will produce the million pound product’. In three words clear, simple focus.” 
Mark Allen


I have been following Peter Thomson for many years now.

He is truly a leader in his field.
Peter continues to totally over deliver.

His presentation of the content (including audios, videos, transcripts and tools) are brilliant and continues to get better year on year.

Now Peter has introduced live coaching through his webinars.

These along with the back-up support are invaluable.
Under Peter and his team’s guidance, I am now writing my own book, which I hope will be published shortly.

I hope to start my own webinars in the next couple of months and with Peter’s assistance I am confident they will be a success.

I can’t speak highly enough of Peter. If you are not a follower, I urge you to do so immediately. Gerard Keogh


My business has changed dramatically since working with Peter. I have implemented only a tiny percentage of the gold that Peter and his team have given us and yet can attribute over 10% of last year's turnover directly to Peter's advice. In addition, I have now created my first online product. Sally Hindmarch


"With Peter I feel safe in the hands of a master and with every episode, my belief in what's possible and that I can make it happen is strengthened." Simon Wallace Jones


Quite frankly Peter Thomson is like a human self and business development library. 

His scope of knowledge is exceptional and where ever you are in business he will be able to contribute towards increased fulfilment and increased growth and profits. 

What is even better in terms of the material he shares is it is so easily remembered and pragmatic in its application. 

So far I am having a great experience with Peters online programs, webinars and the Authors Society and to be honest I am struggling to keep up with it all as there is just so much material to use and apply to my business. Not a bad position to be in!

His online programs are easily book marked and you can log in when ever you need.

It is excellent value for money.  Thank you Peter.  You and your team are making a real difference.  Steve Afshar Leadership Consultant, Facilitator and Psychotherapist


“After missing out on many of Peter’s previous dates I finally managed to make it and so glad I did!  I’d met Peter before so I was reasonably confident it would be a good day.  In the end it turned out to be even better than that.  Packed with really useful information that I began putting to use almost immediately.  Peter has such an easy, engaging, conversational style that the time seemed to pass by very quickly.  Perhaps the biggest value is in the way that he has “systemised” many of the things that need to be done making them so much easier to follow.  I’m really looking forward to working with Peter in the future”. Mike Wilkinson


"I just have to say how brilliant the section on how to write a book in 5 days is. I work in L&D and the ideas Peter shared will cut the time it takes me to design training materials by at least 50% 
Outstanding, thank you." Jamie Beaumont

"Never could have planned it this way. Book ready for publication and a video program due for launch in a matter of days. But each was an excuse to sink a bottle of bubbly and we did.  the inspiration has come from Peter and his team. This is only the beginning. I'm already working on plans for 3 more product launches although they're a little way off yet." Barry Jackson

"Peter is so right about goal setting isn't he? I've just set a really big goal and suddenly I'm seeing the things I need to get there. For instance, I've been thinking a lot about a really important conversation coming up. Then suddenly I spotted Peter's the Four Critical Questions for Persuasive Communication. It's ideal. Just what I need to prepare my thoughts and give myself the best chance ever of a successful outcome at the end of it. What a great resource The Achiever's Club is!" Peter Tattersall

"I now know that I can create and sell product, and make money from it." Simon Davies

"This programme is packed with fantastic ideas inspiring my imagination to produce more and more inspiring products." Michael Snuggs

"There was so much information, help, tips and great details which was shared. It excelled beyond my expectations. I have all the resources I need!" Vanessa Barker

"I was very sceptical that I was capable of making and marketing my own products. It seemed too daunting, overwhelming and mission impossible. The information, strategies, exercises and Peterisms have turned it into a "I can't wait too and don't stop me now I'm having such a good time" Marcia Gladwin

"Peter is a master of his craft, a true communicator and an inspiration. Steve had some powerful thoughts to convey, an excellent rapport builder!" Carl Jarvis

"Making the decision to invest considerable time and money on this weekend workshop has been one of the best investments I've ever made. I highly recommended it" Steve Crossley

"Peter is Nightingale Conant's leading UK author – we even export his programmes to the States. Our customers really love his 'down to earth and practical style' and more importantly, he is a true friend of mine. I've watched him research, test and polish his ideas to constantly add value. It's an amazing process to see.I even have members of staff who say they could listen to Peter all day (and still stay awake!) So why would I be telling you this? His ideas are just so powerful, inspiring and positive He always adds massive value He is genuinely focused on your success" David Hughes Managing Director Nightingale Conant UK

"You've raised the bar for me with the quantity and quality of 1st class practical information – This was my first experience of Peter Thomson's organisation – It won't be my last" John Wigham

"It's given me the confidence to be creative again. Practical, no nonsense information delivered with humour from a place of a wealth of experience. Many thanks." Jacky Leonard


"Peter product creation workshop quite simply removes any excuses you are making to yourself for failing to make money from products. Those new to product creation need not fear as no experience is necessary. He shares both the knowledge you need and gives you the tools to get started. More experienced marketers will not be disappointed. Just one of his tried and tested tips could save you years of experimentation and frustration, not to mention many times the ticket price. If you are serious about making money from products, you need to attend this workshop" Pete Bennett


"A lifetime of experience was jam packed into this – my brain was almost overloaded. I left brimming with ideas and I promised myself that I would achieve success – within the year." Bernie Wales

"I knew I would learn a lot and get a lot of valuable information from the workshop, but I wasn't prepared for how confident and excited I would be feeling about creating the content for my product. The process Peter took us through for generating content really does make it so simple to do, and I know now I'll be creating forever!" 
Andy Edwards

"Thank you for reminding me of what I'd forgotten and for infusing me with new ideas. You're never too old to learn something new." Duncan Tift

"It really opened to my eyes the possibilities of marketing your product! Not something I have understood before although utilising my skill but giving away for very little return!" Sally Lawson

"I thought I was commercial…until I met Peter There are a handful of people in my life who have been a positive influence. Peter has been and still is one of those people.In the 7 years I have known Peter I moved from being a practising accountant to a professional speaker and trainer. When I started I used to charge a fee ,which didn't reach 4 figures. With Peter's help, coaching, cajoling and even pushing that figure now have a 4 in front of it.Peter inspires you to be the best you can be at a price, which is sensible. He shows you it is all about value to the client not the hourly rate or what you think it worth.When Peter says, "Your fee is too low" …listen to him and then take action. It is only your self-imposed limiting beliefs that stop you being paid what you are truly worth."
Will Kintish, UK leading authority on networking skills

"An excellent course packed full of practical ideas that will teach anyone to create, produce and sell info products successfully." Sanjay Shah

"Whether you want to find your creativity, or implement it, this course is for you! Tons of information, practical experience and proven tried and tested systems. This is excellent stuff you cannot fail to make money with." 
Billy Harvey

"As a real novice in this area, I did think this workshop might be over my head. I couldn't have been more wrong. Peter made it simple, gave great advice, the stories painted such a picture that I believe I can really do this. It turns out it's not as hard as it looks. The templates make it easy to take away and you know exactly what you have to do, not just theory. Excellent." Barbara Tift


"Brilliant – Putting ideas into an actionable template. Lots of fun and really good content throughout the whole course. If I can't be successful in product development after this – I don't know what would work. This is great! I now have the power to be successful (and expertise)" Wendy Howard


"Just 8 ideas which will make me an extra £500 would have paid for this twice over. As it turned out I learned at least 20 ideas that will make that every month forever. Genius." Dave Shillito


"The best that is in me can now come out!" Brian Gibb


"Great seminar." Colin Needham


"As a real novice in this area, I did think this workshop might be over my head. I couldn't have been more wrong. Peter made it simple, gave great advice, the stories painted such a picture that I believe I can really do this. It turns out it's not as hard as it looks. The templates make it easy to take away and you know exactly what you have to do, not just theory. Excellent." Barbara Tift


"The workshop has reignited my passion to succeed. I am more determined and confident than ever that I have developed an amazing product ready to market. Now I have the tools to market using Peter's proven "template" for success." Simon Teague


"This has been a turning point for me. Packed with valuable and relevant detail and delivered with sincerity and generosity. Everyone would benefit from attending." Marusja Harasymiw


"Peter has helped me focus so much on what I already know but wasn't applying. I've come away with great clarity of thought for putting this into practice rapidly." Susie Heath


"Wow! What a whirlwind of mind blowing information that is sure to make a dramatic difference to my business. Peter captivates his audience and is a genius at what he does. I would recommend anyone to experience what I have; thank you Peter." Audrey Spearing


"An excellent course packed to bursting with useful strategies, hints and tips. If you're serious about making money from creating your own products then you should definitely attend this practical down-to-earth course"Helen Leach


"I expected a good course but it was better than that. Peter demolished my blocks and excuses. I know I can make it happen now." Michael V C


"Lots of valuable information to take me to the next level and as importantly the other people I met and the new partnerships created as a result of this weekend – the best is yet to come." Masha Malka


"Excellent course; thoroughly enjoyable, learnt so much." Chris Webb


"Peter's knowledge, passion and commitment to the mastery of his trade are beyond any other self-help leader I've come across to date. The training is priceless. Peter is an extraordinarily generous man with his time and knowledge and his willingness to help others." Karl Dawson


"Warm approachable team helped me to 'buzz' with ideas. It felt good to be so creative. Thank you."
Rebeka Roberts


"Great workshop! Thank you." Bernadene Canning


"Practical ideas that will get you started today!" David Knowles Leak


"Excellent course – I believe Peter has all the tools you need to multiply the profits of your business so much – and even more." Steven McGeown


"Awesome!" John Canning


"Peter and the team deliver – fact! This is a truly inspirational experience." Martin Cornes


"As a guest of my husband I found the workshop very inspiring and could see the impact it had on those around me. I would recommend it without hesitation." Heather Cornes


"As ever thought-provoking, exciting, energising giving me the fuel to fire the energy to take my business to the next level. Thanks for the weekend it was awesome." Doug Green


"The energy, enthusiasm and the sheer generosity of Peter and his team demonstrated during the two days was awesome!" Lorne Mitchell


"I've had a great time, learning how to take my ideas to market. The course was very precise and informative. I feel it represents great value the money thank you." Paul Ribbons


"The course was organised and professional. It took me out of my comfort zone which has put different areas of my life into perspective." Susie Mitchell


"If you need to learn about business and success you need to learn from the best. Peter is one of those people." Paul Thwaite


"I feel the course is amazing value and covered more than I expected and would urge anyone to participate as I know it's going to make a huge impact in my life and it will in yours. Many thanks again Peter." Ben Davidson


"Loads of information that will be extremely useful. Peter is an inspiration but full of humility. We were made to feel that our success is very important Peter and his team. I would recommend this course only to proactive people that need guidance." Dale S


"Excellent! Stuck for words – how ironic but – thank you." Chris Williams


"I'm glad I took up the offer to attend this two-day workshop. It is amazing and incredible what I've learnt. I also met some dedicated delegates and I promise that I will use my experience here is a turning point in my life and change the direction of my life for the good and the better and the best thank you." Fatima Nuzhath


"A great weekend full of ideas which will help my business in many more ways than I thought possible. Peter has a lovely relaxed style which makes listening to him a real pleasure." Simon Rollings


"This course was so very worthwhile. Fantastic and practical and useful information. I invested time and money and was repaid in multiples. Lovely people professionally presented. Thank you." Moira O'Reilly


"I came with a great idea in chaotic fashion and I'm leaving with a great idea with the system, structure and the tools to put it all together and be successful." Robert Djemil


"The course was totally absorbing; full of humour, energy, wisdom and practical ways of achieving a successful information business. All the components were covered in the course. The backup staff and Peter were brilliant and friends were made." Peter Cale


"Thanks Peter for a fantastic weekend. Your passion, integrity and great practical ideas are superb. Great to learn from someone who walks the talk." Mark B 

"Why spend years working this out for yourself when Peter can show you the way." Mark Nugent


"I came without a product. I left knowing that (in fact) I had an incredible one and how to make it successful. Peter is simply awesome." James Wright


"A great course and real value for money." John Holman


"Peter is the phenomenon I have waited my whole life to meet. His learning for life is the greatest gift I could ever give my future success." Marie O'Riordan


"Brilliant. I wish I had known about this information years ago. I believe my income could be 10 times what it is now." Val Plummer


"I attended one event where Peter was speaking and this follow up workshop as a result of purchasing the Product Creation Workshop Home Study Course. I have learnt more from him than I did from college or training courses. His generosity, over delivery and abundance mentality is a testament to his prosperity. Thank you" 
Noreen Makosewe


"Peter sets you free from pre conceived ideas and beliefs" Norman Plummer


"Peter's training is practical, down to earth and simple to implement. Added to that, Peter's style is like being in your own stand-up show all day! Thank you again – always massive value." Diana Barden


"Peter creates a comfortable workshop which is relaxed and involving and light bulb invoking all at the same time – a model session. Very enjoyable." Roy MacMillan


"Great day – full of how and what hints you need to bring your product to market" Mike Burge


"Thank you so much, it's been very insightful. I will recommend you to anyone relevant. I feel able to go away and go for it now." Beverley Carson


"Peter is an excellent fun teacher who lives what he shares. Living proof of what is possible. Thank you" Joe Best


"Peter is fun, ecstatic, amazing at helping us realise our unique selves and helping us implement our ideas. Thank you." Sharon Holdstock


"Peter is one of the most eloquent, persuasive and thought provoking communicators that we've had the privilege to work with at Nightingale-Conant.


Not only does Peter show you new and different ways of thinking about success, but he delivers his ideas in "ready-made" practical form—making it easy for our customers to apply in their lives right away. Our best-selling program with Peter, The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Communicators, has received top "customer satisfaction" ratings from our clients.


Our all-new program with Peter, The Best-Kept Secrets of the World's Great Achievers, is like a "modern day Think and Grow Rich" and has been anticipated for months."
Dan Strutzel – Vice President Publishing Nightingale Conant USA


"Refreshing delivery of golden nuggets from a man who's done it and can illuminate the path for others."
Costas Lambrias


"It was at the right level in plain English, very understandable, very knowledgeable & very enjoyable"
Peter Holiday


"Inspiring, Excellent tips, anyone wanting generate more cash I recommend you attend" J Phillips


"Great event and would recommend it" G Corbelli


"Very inspiring informative day" Lynne Steele


"Having listened to Peter for years, bought his products and read his newsletter tips, I had a high expectation prior to the event ... WOW – I must have been aiming low. What an action, ideas packed day. Amazingly both in value & execution, thank you." David Miskimin



"Fantastic day full of inspiration & ideas" Andrew Wright


"Heaps of practical information delivered in simple language. Inspiring & believable" Jill Lomas


"Peter provides fantastic knowledge delivered in a fun & easy to understand way I enjoyed the Product Creation Goldmine Event and have taken lots away, mainly tips & ideas to take my ideas forward" B Shiles


"The ideas & philosophy put forward by Peter not only can improve your business & relationships but can be truly life changing" David Potter


"Peter Thomson in my opinion is the lateral thinker of the century & he will turn you head over heels & get you thinking straight in just 1 day" David Hodgkinson


"You don't just leave a Peter Thomson workshop unscathed! He has so many one or two lines, aside that could all be double clicked and made into twenty minutes in their own right." Graeme McGregor


"Somehow you tell yourself it can't be that easy. Then you come to Peter's event and find you never say something so ridiculous ever again." C Coney


"I have been on 1 day courses and paid a much higher price and received much less information. Excellent content & value for money" Chris Matthews


"Fantastic, what have I been waiting for ... time for action" Darren Wiseman


"Peter's workshop was crammed with useful, practical, must apply information" L Shinn


Enjoyable, informative & fun" David Nairs


"Just come to this event or spend the rest of your life asking yourself why me." John Edington


"Still ... the best in the field with am unrivalled 20 years experience to back up his content" David Hyner


"As a consultant in the business growth area I associate with similar types of people. The amount of people that know what they should be doing but aren't doing it is incredible. Peter's workshop will give you the clarity needed to move forward with confidence with an exceptional system." Simon Gilbert


"Highly enjoyable, quality content which is easy to implement" Dawn Grossart


"Great pace, upbeat environment. Inspiring – I now feel I can go out and actually do this stuff" Jill Warburton


"Great, entertaining session. Loved the stories" Alison Hornsby


"Very worthwhile & good value for money" Robert Dowey


"Brilliant value for money" Brian Gibbons


"Peter has a truely invaluable knowledge bank. He's a real inspiration and I will be sure to implement the 27 action points into our business! Cheers Peter & major thanks to the fantastic team behind you." Steph Chadwick


"Today I have 34 high quality results lead actions that I can implement immediately in my business that I am certain will bring significant returns. Thanks a million" Phil Jones


"A fantastic use of my time & money. Peter always informs, entertains & inspires" Robert Caren


"Amazing day – an astonishing amount of material presented" Kim Bolsover


"A day packed with useful ideas" Jenny Laney


"Excellent investment lots of ammo to use now. So much more to learn" Kiki Maurey


"The course contained accessible information, well presented. Motivation without hype. Practical" Claire Baker


"Peter knows his stuff. Listen, learn it and take the required actions because it works" Deborah Labbate


"I learned more in 1 day with Peter than any training day I have ever attended" Barry Jackson


"Opened my mind to new ideas & opportunities that will help me to develop, promote & market my info products" Craig Price


"Thoroughly enjoyable as well as informative, skilfully delivered and relevant to any confused mind that will provide clarity" Arthur Partridge


"I needed guidance on building my business and how to leverage my time and so I came to this event and WOW. I've learned heaps and can see business benefits & income increasing 10 fold. I wholly recommend Peter and the team to all who want more from their business" Dom Jackson


"Lots of content & inspirational ideas" Isobel Rushton


"I have heard Peter 30+ times and every time including this one he gives me ideas to move my business to the next level" Will Kintish


"Can't believe it's been 4 years since I last spent a day with Peter. I've signed up for his 3 day course to make sure it does not happen again" David Gilroy


"A brilliant workshop the time and money invested today is sure to have greater future returns"
Andrew Pickering


"A no-nonsense debunking seminar" Elaine Wilson


"Peter is the real deal – knowledgeable and experienced and inspiring. Thank you for all the Product Creation information you have" Nikki Pope


"A packed day with so many do-able ideas" Julie Woodcock


"When I thought about writing and publishing a book, it felt like I was looking into a fog. Where would I start? How would I start? Agents? Publishing houses? All so very complicated!! 
When I saw that Peter was running a weekend course all about producing your own book, I was delighted. The mystery, the fear and the 'where-do-I-begin' confusion all fell away as he explained and, more importantly, showed us exactly how it can be done. 
I came away with confidence and the know-how and now I'm here: a published author. 
That weekend was a great investment in time and money and I would recommend Peters training to anyone who wants to write" 
Moira O'Reilly
Women's Empowerment Facilitator and
author of The Woman's Totem


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